Kamis, 15 Juni 2017

In class

Lukman Hakim                                               D1011141003
Dian Devi Damira                                           D1011141063
Fujianti Lussy                                                 D1011141043
Nur Kholis                                                      D1011141083
Beny Syaifullah                                              D11112107
Yulius Bria                                                      D1911131917
Idham                                                              D101113117

1.      Speech is giving informations that urge the audience
2.      The aspects in speech are
·         Theme
·         Describe of the speech
·         Pronounce
·         Grammar
·         Objective
Before delivery the speech, we must:
·         Greetings to audience
·         Introduce yourself
·         Give a speech to audience you want to talk
·         Closing
3.      Topic of speech
·         Lukman           = comparison about construction of building in Pontianak and Sekadau
·         Nur Kholis      = how to get money in video games
·         Dian Devi        = About junk food
·         Fujianti            = traffic jam in Pontianak
·         Beny                = leadership
·         Yulius              = the development of Sekadau city
·         Idham              = city structuring

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