Rabu, 31 Mei 2017

My Speech

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh
Ladies and gentlement
On this occasion let me convey a little bit about leadership. A leader is judge from how he acts and act in a leadership. On of the most important is the ability of a ability of a leader in making decisions and make policy, the effectiveness of a policy and now the impact of the policy. A decision born from the process of thinking. Starting from the perspective of someone in assessing something which then affect the way the mind. The way of thinking based on the way last will be the determinant, right whether or not the decision of the leader in taking the policy. The policy of a leader often times affect many people. Error in making a decision in chossing a policy will lead to the failure of a program or even the destruction of a country and nation.
Ladies and gentlement

Most of us never hear about the leadership of the prophet Muhammad. In the 22 years he was able to raise the degree of the arab nation from a nation of jahiliyyah which was overcome ignorance and backwardness to become the nations leading and successfully led many nations in the word. People who are under his leadership feel the tenderness, the affection and veneration of a leader is the best. The way of thinking of Muhammad who is straight born from a way of thinking which is also straight about the life and the life of this. How to think straight last produces a right decision at once accep table to all parties. Thus a short speech from me, so thank you.. wassalamualaikum… 

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