Rabu, 05 April 2017

about my skills

Hello everybody, This week topic  for blog writing is about Skill. Talk about skill, every human being must have different skills. Before more much longer tell about skill, we must first know is it skill. Skill is the ability of a person to do something  that is specific, focused yet dynamic, which requires a certain time to learn it and can be proven. The skill that I have is play the guitar, singing, drawing, playing games, cooking  and others. Of the many skills that I mentioned above, I study it because I love it. For exampel, I love the soun d of the guitar but I can’t play it and finally I learned it so that it can. If the skill of drawing I get in college because I learned about drawing buildings. at first I did not understand about the drawing of the building, because I came from SMA instead of SMK building picture. it took a long time for me to be able to draw, so I repeat courses draw building 3 times hehehe..  finally I can also pass the courses it, and until now I still can draw.  The end about my skill. Thanks for writing guyss....

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  1. That's you in the pic? Wow you looked totally different in long hair.