Jumat, 03 Maret 2017

Why I continue my study to university level

Assalamualaikum  wr. Wb. Hallo everybody. Before i tell me the reason choosing civil engineering. I would like to introduce myself. My name is Beny Syaifullah, you can call me Ben. I come from Segedong, regency Mempawah, west borneo. I am a student of civil engineering at Tanjungpura University. I’ve entered the semester 10 this year, I hope in this semester to get good grades and  this year can win the scholar and can be work. Well, the reason i went to college for civil engineering . in the beginning I just try to test college entrance and I pass the test at Tanjungpura University course civil engineering. Then, it took a long time for me to understand about what I learn because the lessons are very difficult. But, with the motivation hight until I was in the final semester of lectures. I see the opportunity to work very much because civil engineering graduates is much needed. In addition,I want to desaign houses and buildings with the thought of my own. The last, I want to be successful and be able to appease all the people that are around. That’s all the reason why I lecture choose of civil engineering.  The and thank you.

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